Viz Meets Vivi: A Valentine Love Story

Viz Comic 6 Viz Meets Vivi: A Love Story Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 2 minutes

Viz Comic Viz Meets Vivi: A Valentine Love Story Vizion Interactive

Watch their comic meet-cute here:

Once upon a time, in the digital realm of, there lived a spirited eyeball named Viz. He had been part of the Vizion team since its inception in 2005. Viz was a diligent and passionate mascot, always using his spyglass to search the vast landscapes of clients’ websites for ways to improve. His mission was to remind everyone to keep a vigilant “eye” on their return on investment.

However, despite his relentless pursuit of website optimization, Viz had a secret longing. In his spare moments, he enjoyed reenacting the adventures of Dick Tracy comics and people watching, all while keeping an eye out for someone special – his other half, an eyeball companion who would share in his passion for improving online experiences.

One sunny day, during a particularly engaging reenactment of a thrilling comic strip, Viz spotted something extraordinary. Across the virtual cityscape of, there was a mesmerizing eyeball named Vivi. She was elegant and captivating, with a magnifying glass of her own, intently inspecting the details of clients’ websites just like Viz.

As their eyes met, quite literally, Viz felt a spark like never before. It was as if they were meant to find each other in this vast digital universe. Their shared interests in detective stories and people watching created an instant connection. Viz, usually a mascot of few words, summoned the courage to strike up a conversation with Vivi.

“Hello there,” Viz began, his voice filled with excitement. “I couldn’t help but notice your keen eye for detail. It’s not every day I meet someone who shares my passion for improving websites and enjoying the mysteries of the online world.”

Vivi, her elegant eyeball design twinkling, smiled back at Viz.

“Likewise,” she replied. “I’ve been observing you from afar, and your dedication to our mission is truly inspiring.”

From that moment on, Viz and Vivi became inseparable. They worked together tirelessly to enhance clients’ websites, combining their unique skills and expertise to deliver exceptional results. They enjoyed countless adventures together, reenacting their favorite comic strips and discovering the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

And so, in the world of, Viz and Vivi’s love story continued to flourish, reminding everyone that even in the digital age, the heart knows no boundaries, and love can bloom in the most unique and enchanting ways.

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