ICLS.NET Offers Retro SEO

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In case you’re wondering, that is not a compliment. While retro may be hip and cool in the fashion and music industries, it’s sad and more than a little annoying in the SEO industry. Because I personally own several domains, I was just solicited via snailmail by icls.net (no link love for this one!). While they’re not asking for much ($35/yr, $60/2yrs, or $140/5yrs), they’re not offering much either.

SEO is my job. So when someone clutters my mailbox with an offer to “enhance their website exposure”, I find it worth responding to.

So what magical services will ICLS (Internet Corporation Listing Service) provide for my hard earned $35?

1) domain name submission to 14 established search engines

2) quarterly se position and ranking reports for 8 keyword phrases in 14 “major” search engines

Silly me! And here I thought there were only 4 major search engines (only 2 of which drive traffic worth mentioning)! With Ask.com providing less than 5% of search traffic to most websites, why would I worry about the 10 search engines providing less traffic than that?

Not to mention that search engine submission died out as a relevant practice years ago! These days, a couple links to your site will get you indexed faster than any supposed search engine submission service. So let’s just go ahead and agree that part one of the service offering is totally worthless.

So in essence, they want to charge me $35 to send me a ranking report for a whopping 8 terms!!!! Wow. That would take me at most an hour of casual search inquiry. So in essence, they’re fee is $8/hr for something I’ll want to know a heck of a lot more often than 4 times a year!

Nice try! I’ll pass.

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