Search Engine Optimization Tip 34: Find the Best Page for Your Keyword

Google Search Site Keyword  Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is Search Engine Optimization tip number 34 in our continuing series of Search Engine Optimization tips. All of these search engine optimization tips are meant to be specific in nature, they will not take that long to review, and are directly to the point. This search engine optimization tip has to do with finding the best page on your web site for your keyword or keyword phrase.

Once you have built links to your web site’s home page, it is important to start getting links to the other web pages on your web site. Since we traditionally focus on only one keyword or keyword phrase per web page, we need to get links to the internal or “deep” web pages on our web site. These links to our internal pages need to be from other web sites as well as from the home page. When you choose which pages you want to link to from your home page, those are going to be the pages that you have optimized for your main keywords.

But what if you have a very large web site (or even one that has more than 30 pages)? You know that there are certain keywords that are converting well for you and you want to boost the rankings for those keywords. You know the keywords that you want to rank for, but how do you choose where to focus your linking efforts?

Search your own web site using Google. Narrow down the search so that you are only searching your own web site: and then search for your keyword phrase like this: “seo audit


In the example above, I want to boost the site ranking for “SEO Audit”. There are actually several web pages on the web site that mentions that keyword phrase. But, in this case, it is clear that I will want to get links to the web page because Google ranks that web page the best, and Google likes that web page the best. As we can see, there are other web pages that mention that keyword phrase “SEO Audit” but it’s clear to me that the best-ranking page is the one that we want to get more links to, both internally on our web site and from other web sites.

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