October 2020

Google Launches Custom Audiences Google Launches Custom Audiences Vizion Interactive

Google Launches Custom Audiences

Reading Time: 3 minutes While Google has always been a popular platform for advertisers, their addition of the custom audience feature will present you with even more benefits than before for Discover,... Read More

Linkedin Facebook Why is LinkedIn becoming Facebook? Vizion Interactive

Why is LinkedIn becoming Facebook?

Reading Time: 4 minutes LinkedIn was first launched in 2002 as a platform for professional networking, allowing people seeking employment a place to interact with prospective employers and showcase their experience and... Read More

Disavow File Image Disavow File Dos and Don’ts Vizion Interactive

Disavow File Dos and Don’ts

Reading Time: 4 minutes Generally, it can be incredibly beneficial to have other websites include links that lead their users to yours. Not only does it help you attract the viewers of... Read More