Leverage Your Clients’ 1st Party Data in Amazon DSP

Leverage Your Clients’ 1st Party Data in Amazon DSP Reading Time: 4 minutes

Utilizing your clients’ first-party data as an advertising tool is a great way to expand customer reach through valuable site data. Amazon DSP maximizes sales by going beyond brands and sponsored products, giving marketers the ability to gain access to ad placements and exclusive audiences to use as many relevant retargeting audiences in programmatic display campaigns as possible. Using this platform to expand your marketing reach is fast becoming a best practice in the digital marketing world.

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What Is First-Party Data?

First-party data includes all information that a company collects about its customers. This typically includes data from any and all behaviors, actions, or interests demonstrated by customers across a website. The two primary types of first-party data include:

  • CRM Data. Your client’s name, industry, company, job title, contact information, etc. – Information that is generally related to demographics.
  • Web Analytics. This data is more behavioral than demographic. It includes information collected through web page tagging by your brand. Behavioral data means that it monitors a user’s actions online, i.e. what a user searches after seeing a particular ad or reading a certain article.

When your company uses first-party data, one of the perks is that it is data you already own; there is no need to invest in data from other sources. Anyone can use first-party data, as it is collected from lead capture forms, social media, and website activity. The information you glean from these sources can teach you about your target audience and help you to make the best decisions on ad spending.

How Is First-Party Data Beneficial In Your Campaigns?

Being able to put first-party data to use in your marketing strategy is a key element in reaching a broader target audience and increasing overall conversion. Consider these five ways that you can make first-party data work for you.

  • Broaden reach. When you leverage your first-party data across multiple platforms, you can scale your campaign to a wider audience.
  • Enable more intelligent data purchasing choices. The first-party data you own can help inform what second and third party customer information would prove to be most important in boosting the performance of your campaign.
  • Know your audience. The first-party data you have can actually tell you much more about your customers than just basic demographic information. By knowing how different customers engage with a website, you can learn a lot about what your customers want, or what may have caused them to fall off the purchase path. 
  • Aim for leads that have a great likelihood of converting. Your first-party data will allow you to create a detailed image of what your ideal customer would look like. From there, you can use the details of that persona to your benefit by then tailoring your ad targeting in your campaigns to the audiences that are most likely to convert.
  • Personalize your ads to target your ideal customers. With first-party data, you are able to make adjustments to your ad messaging in real-time by identifying who your clients are and how they previously engaged with your brand.

How Does 1st Party Data Work With Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP works as a demand-side platform to allow you to programmatically reach audiences across the web. Amazon has their own exclusive first-party data that allows you to customize the audiences you wish to target, gain a competitive edge on third party websites, and measure your brand’s DSP performance using the reporting tools in Amazon’s arsenal. Amazon DSP allows you to take audience targeting to the next level by being able to transfer your companies or clients first-party data to Amazon DSP from data management platforms (DMPs) such as:

  • Nielsen 
  • Neustar
  • LiveRamp
  • Datalogix
  • Krux
  • Adobe
  • AdForm

By using Amazon DSP, you can take your marketing efforts to a whole new level by leveraging your clients’ data to boost campaign performance. Once the data is transferred, the audiences are automatically updated daily. Together, Amazon DSP and your first-party data will effectively: 

  1. Lengthen your reach. You can build precision-targeted ads that will appeal to more members of your ideal demographic than ever before. By leveraging first-party data across your Amazon DSP platforms, you’ll reach an entirely new set of shoppers on a variety of devices. As a result, more potential clients than ever before will see relevant ads that feature your specific products.
  2. Boost sales and campaign efficiency. Whether you’re remarketing to users who didn’t convert on your site or reaching a new audience who has already searched for products and services in your niche, you’re reaching people who have already shown interest. Using first-party data across Amazon DSP allows you to pinpoint your ad spend on campaigns that are more likely to work, driving revenue and increasing your efficiency. What’s more, you’ll be able to make better second and third-party data purchasing decisions in the future. 
  3. Create lookalikes based on revealing data. First-party data allows you to broaden your reach as well as lengthen it. You can put your first-party data to use across multiple DSPs at once and create lookalike audiences modeled after those you’ve found effective. Scaling your most successful campaigns in this way – backed by a wealth of data – allows you to reach more potential clients. 
  4. Drive more personalized interactions. Due to your first-party data, you know your audience better than ever before. In fact, you know their interests, their previous online behavior, and valuable information about their past interactions with your brand. You can leverage this insider knowledge with DSP to make personalized adjustments designed to engage more intimately with each user.

Using first-party data in your campaign is beneficial because it is easy to access and comes directly from your website traffic. It integrates easily with advertising platforms like Amazon DSP, which helps you to target and scale campaigns to help your brand expand its reach much further than you could have ever imagined.

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