What is “call tracking” and why should I use it?

Call tracking services are provided by a number of companies, many of which will integrate with Google Analytics and are listed here. These providers can provide unique phone numbers which can be DYNAMICALLY SERVED (or not) to your website so that phone calls coming into your business are tracked based upon the referring source of the call (i.e.: call came from Organic Search, Paid Search, Email, Banner, etc.). For many businesses, a significant number of their leads/sales come by way of a phone call. If you’re not tracking those calls, you have no idea how much money you are making from your efforts.

Case in point: we have a client who was running a PPC campaign that we initially thought was a failure. Someone on our team had seen zero (0) conversions happening online for the campaign, so they paused it. The next day, we received a call from the client saying “what happened yesterday…sales dipped”. As it turns out, for some weird reason, all of the conversions for this campaign were happening via phone calls. We had no way of knowing because this client had not (yet) taken us up on our recommendation to implement call tracking. Call tracking gives you the opportunity to get a full view of the value being derived from all of your marketing efforts. You can even associate a number with a brochure if you wanted to so that you can know how many calls were associated with that trade show that you sponsored (for example).