13 Great Topics to Boost Blog Traffic in 2013

Each new year brings about new ideas and first attempts. Many companies have blogs that are not living up to their potential. Why not make a New Year’s resolution to work on increasing your blog traffic? You can achieve this goal by writing blog posts on topics that have been proven to get reads and shares.  Here are 13 proven blog post topics for your 2013 planning:

1)      Lists.  Compile a useful list related to your industry.  This blog post you are reading right now is an example.  I’m giving you a list of blog topics to help increase your blog traffic in 2013.  I could also give you a list of top influencers to follow and engage with on Twitter or a list of top SEO experts and their blogs.  What lists could you give to your target audience that would benefit them?

2)      Beginner’s Guides and How-To’s.  Who doesn’t need to learn more?   I’ve yet to meet someone who knows it all (but have met plenty that think they do). People tend to love free how-to’s and tutorials and a lot of times share them with their communities.

3)      Themed Posts.  We’ve all found ourselves attracted to themed social posts such as Friday Facts, Tuesdays @ 2:00, Wednesday Woes, etc.  What themed posts can you create for your target audience and keep up a weekly or bi-monthly frequency with?

4)      Search Related Keywords.  Use your blog analytics to see what keywords are bringing in the most traffic and keep writing posts on those keywords.  If it’s being searched for, you’ll have an audience – just don’t forget to apply SEO fundamentals to your blog post.

5)      Trends.  Use what is trending on Twitter and Google+ to not only join in the conversations directly on those channels, but also for your blog.  Write a blog post about the trend and share the link to your post on your social channels, especially the channel(s) you found the trend on.  Don’t forget the hashtag on Twitter.

6)      Product and Service Reviews.  You don’t have to be a popular blogger known for writing quality reviews to do a review yourself.  No matter what industry you are in, you can do a review on a product or service that is relative and share with your readers. They’ll appreciate the insight and possibly comment on or share your review.

7)      Event Recaps.  Have you been part of or attended an industry related event?  Write a recap and share your experience.  Those who wanted to go but couldn’t will definitely appreciate the post.

8)      Current Events.  What does your company do that can be tied to a current event? Think of Starbucks and how they make their coffee related to everything from the Olympics to the elections just by creating a themed coffee drink and coming up with promotional jargon to go with it.

9)      Seasonal and Holiday.  The Starbucks example works here as well, but think beyond that.  Do you offer HVAC services that can be played up during the cold winter months or offer international calling cards that can be pushed during the holiday season when military members abroad need to hear family voices.

10)   Infographics.  The highly-graphical, factoid stuffed pieces have become so popular because if done correctly, they are great, easy shares.  They are aesthetically pleasing and quick reads.  Just don’t make them promotional.  They should be informative, engaging and valuable.

11)   Contests.  If you are going to have a contest or any kind, launch it and host it on your blog first.  As you push it on your social media sites, point those sites back to your blog post about the contest.  Having the contest live on your blog allows for more detailed content without character restrictions.  Contest rules and legal text along with instructions and restrictions can be communicated fully.  It also opens the door for blog commenting and questions on the contest to take place directly on your blog, increasing engagement and traffic.

12)   Guest Posts.  Allow other influencers in your industry (and even partners and vendors) to guest post on your blog and pitch your bloggers to other blogs as well.  It add value and a fresh perspective to your blog when you have a guest. Guests will frequently promote their guest posts to their own networks. Getting your posts on other blogs opens up new communities and exposure.  It’s a win-win situation.

13)   Predictions.  What do you predict as an upcoming trend or overall change in your industry?  Predictions show your expertise and your desire to constantly look forward and strive in your industry. It builds trust within your community. Include what others are saying and critique their forecasts as well.

The need for quality, unique content continues to be a requirement for search competition. 2013 will be a year that presents challenges to bloggers to stand out from other bloggers and competitors.  Set your blogging goals now, establish your editorial calendar and stick to it.  Even doing one of these types of post a month would help.  You can even drop one of them and still have a great idea for each month of the year.

Contact us if you need help with your blog or any content creation.  We’ll be here all year and beyond with blog and content development services.

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