3 Letters That Can Improve Your Social Media Success

Did you know that there are three simple alphabet letters that can make or break your social media campaigns? So many times we overlook these three letters and never realize that they can help improve your social media profiles’ success. In fact, many top social media users use this and often we don’t realize that they’re using these three letters to make them successful.

What are these three letters? RSS. Yes, it is probably not surprising and we’ve all heard it before. Most of the time we associate RSS as being from our own site and our own blog; many blogs automatically create an RSS feed of the content, allowing you to syndicate it on other sites. But did you know that many social media sites (social bookmarking sites) automatically create an RSS feed of everything that you’ve bookmarked?

Most likely you’ve spent time promoting the RSS feed of your blog and you’ve tried to get more people to subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed. But, how often have you looked at the RSS feed of your social media profiles that are available? Did you know that many social media sites give you an RSS feed of everything that you’ve submitted, voted on, or otherwise participated in? By promoting the RSS feed of your social media profiles, you’ll drive more traffic and build links; which will help you in the long run.

Del.icio.us RSS feed

Let’s take a look at a few examples. Del.icio.us, for example, makes several feeds available for you. For example, here is my feed that I update on a regular basis. If you have a del.icio.us profile, then your feed is at something like http://feeds.delicious.com/rss/username where ‘username’ is your user name at del.icio.us.

At StumbleUpon, there are two RSS feeds you’ll want to be aware of: the RSS feed of your StumbleUpon reviews and blog (mine is here) and an RSS feed of your StumblUpon Favorites (mine is here). You will have to go to your StumbleUpon profile page to retrieve the URL of your StumbleUpon feeds, as StumbleUpon uses your Stumbler number and not your user ID.

StumbleUpon RSS feed

Digg also has an RSS feed of your activity, as well as some other RSS feeds. The main one you will want to be aware of is your Digg user RSS feed, and a sample of it is here, which is my Digg RSS feed. Your Digg user ID RSS feed will be something like http://www.digg.com/users/username, where ‘username’ is your Digg username.

There are tons of other social media sites that give their users an RSS feed of their activity, and I honestly wish that more sites would do so. C’mon Mixx.com, you have given us RSS feeds of the Mixx activity, but where is the RSS feed of everything that I submit to Mixx?

What should you do with these RSS feeds once you have those URLs? Well, there are a lot of different uses for those RSS feeds. But, as an online marketer, I generally like to use those RSS feeds to my advantage: to help me get more links to the items that I submit to the social networks. For example, I may put one or two of those RSS feeds on my personal site; to make sure that if I bookmark my friend’s great blog post they’re given credit for me linking to them. That will hopefully help their search engine rankings, as well as bring some additional visitors to their blog.

FriendFeed feeds

Another option is to integrate your social media RSS feeds from your favorite social media sites and import them automatically into your twitter, jaiku, and friendfeed accounts. You’ll automatically notify your twitter, jaiku, and friendfeed ‘friends’ about your latest adds at del.icio.us, and other social media sites that are important to you. And the search engines may pick up those URLs, as well.

By paying a little attention to the RSS feeds of your social media profiles, you’ll be able to help promote the items that you add to your favorite social media sites. Using those RSS feeds to your advantage will help bring more traffic to the URLs that are important to you, and the search engines just might pay attention to them, as well.

3 Letters That Can Improve Your Social Media Success” Comments

  1. I would consider RSS to be more like an acronym than just 3 letters 😉
    At least go for something called SEO rather than just RSS.
    I've been using RSS for almost 5 years now, pretty old school stuff — but yes, it does make a difference.
    It helps with quick syndication and influence. Influence is huge with RSS.

  2. You're right, Jonathan. RSS is definitely an acronym; I probably could have re-written that title a different way.
    RSS is definitely old school by now, but I'm amazed at the people who still have yet to include it in their daily activities.
    Syndicating not only your site's RSS but the other RSS feeds that you have some control over like social media RSS feeds can definitely help over the long run.

  3. Mixx does provide feeds of its users' activity. Click my name (fatlester) so subscribe to my Mixx feed.

  4. Thanks for pointing that out, fatlester, this must be a fairly new feature that Mix has added. I'll definitely be taking a look to see what I can do to promote my Mixx feed.

  5. I haven't taken a look on these features of Del.icio.us, SU and etc.
    I have to check on them later…thanks for sharing this great info!

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