5 Great Places to Get Ideas for a Blog Post

As you may or may not know, I love to write, and I especially love to write meaningful, helpful, newsworthy, and controversial blog posts. While all of these types of blog posts will be something that your readers will most likely want to read and enjoy, there are times where we all suffer from “blogger brain freeze”, “writer’s block”, or whatever you want to call it. You know that you want to write a blog post, or you have been tasked by your boss to write a blog post: but you just don’t know where to start looking for ideas.

In this example, I am going to look for ideas for a real estate blog post. Certainly, you could use any other phrase or industry phrase. Or, even your most popular keyword phrase or a keyword phrase that you want to “rank for” in the search engine results. Here are five places to look for blog post ideas.

1. Your Website Stats – Look at your website statistics from the last month. Look at the keyword phrases that people are using to find your web site. In this case, pay particular attention to the keyword phrases that people are using that have several words. In this case, people are really digging down deep to find something: and there might be a keyword phrase that contains 4 or 5 words that you could use as a title of the blog post. For example, if it’s a real estate blog, you might find something like, “How Do I Buy a Home in Dallas”, or even “How much do you have to pay for property taxes”. These are questions that your readers might be asking themselves. And in this case, you might find that if someone asked it in the past then they will ask it in the future: and if you write a blog post about it then it might bring in more traffic to your web site in the future.

2. Google News – I just love looking at Google news for recent news articles about your subject. Go to http://news.google.com and then try a search. Once you search for your keyword phrase, click on “past hour”, “past day” or “past week” or “past month” to get ideas. Don’t forget that you can also sort by date. The default is “sorted by relevance”. See the screen capture below for an example:


3. Yahoo News – While not as comprehensive as Google News, Yahoo News does have some sources that Google generally won’t, or it just might show you different results. Worth a shot to look at Yahoo! News, as well.


4. topix – Topix is an aggregator of news and information. It’s really great for local news, and if you have a local blog or you have a web site that’s related to local, then you might consider looking at Topix. I’m not a big fan of the popups on their site, but it will at least give you some great blog post ideas.

5. Wordtracker Questions Tool – This is a pretty interesting, cool tool from Wordtracker.com. They have put together an online tool where you can enter a keyword phrase: and you get a list of questions that people have asked in the past. I always look at this tool, on a regular basis, for blog post ideas. I love using a question as the title of the blog post: then you can answer the question in the blog post. Here is an example, using “real estate” as the keyword phrase:


In this case, there are several questions that you could use on for a real estate blog post. Use the question as the title of the blog post and then answer the question in your blog post. For a more interesting blog post, or one that might even be more helpful to your readers, you might consider going to Google and asking the question, searching for the question using “quotes”, like this:

“how to invest in real estate”

This will show you who currently ranks for that phrase, and you might do some more research, finding out what people have said in the past and you might be able to provide a new “twist” or another viewpoint on the subject.


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  1. Nice and valuable information to get the ideas for creating blog posts. Google news is the best resource.

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  3. Thank you! Reading this gave me great ideas to combat writers block. I love to write, especially blogging, but find myself taking hours and sometimes days, just to get what i want to say. Great blog!

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