Craving Something More From Your SERP Display?

This isn’t the first time I have approached this topic as I think that your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) display is a very important aspect to consider in your Web marketing endeavors. As I expounded in “SEO, the SERPs and your First Impression,” basic SEO and an advertiser’s mind are needed to create an enticing introduction to Web searchers. We have to remember that the search result is the first time your potential visitor and you are meeting.

This is your chance to stand out from the rest of the pack and be the “different one.” Likewise, don’t be remembered for the wrong reasons. Just like the guy at a speed dating event with his zipper down or a boogie in his nose, the one who stands out for all the right reasons gets the second date, or click through in this case.

Since my last stop on this topic, there is a lot that has changed. There has also been a lot that has changed to allow you to be the “unique listing that stood out.” The advent and adoption of rich schema markup for page properties has given the search results a much different look and feel. In my personal opinion, even after a few years of its existence and support by Google, it is still not used as widely as it should be.  This is even better news for you as it is a way you can get a little more out of your SERP display.

Top three areas you can affect very quickly with structured data markup:

Author Tagging

Help your blog posts, articles, hell, any page that has been “authored” by someone to get a better presence in SERPs via an image of the author. All this requires is a synergy/linking between the author’s blog author page and his/her Google+ account as well as an author tag on the actual pages of authored content. Just make sure that the authors Google+ picture isn’t of him doing keg stands cause this is the featured issue alongside organic search listings. More Info

Rich Snippets for Reviews

What speaks better than testimonials about your company or products? Showing them off in the SERPs. Wrapping your on-page reviews in Review/Ratings Rich Snippet format can give your SERP display star ratings, reviewer name and even testimonial information. If this isn’t enticing enough then I don’t know what is. Just make sure your markup isn’t on the one review that is a one star rating! More Info


Rich Snippets for Video

While this is no substitute for instilling a Video XML Sitemap (which you should do both of these), Rich Snippets for Video allows you to provide structured data markup for on-page videos. Doing so can help these videos to show up in the description section of the ranking page’s organic listing. More info

video rich snippets


These examples above are just a few of the ways you can create a standout SERP listing display. These three above are likely the most common that correlate with the content types most people feature on their sites.
Get to “marking up!”