Exclusive Interviews with Experts at Dallas Digital Summit 2018

That’s a wrap! Dallas Digital Summit 2018 was a blast, with inspiring keynotes by Tamsen Webster and Mitch Lowe (see links to our exclusive interviews below!), and informative sessions on the hot topics of SEO, Content Marketing, Email, Social Media and more.

We caught up with some of our favorite speakers below and got their key takeaways from their sessions, plus some of hot tips for businesses going into 2019 and even who their alter ego Superhero would be!! Check them out and if you attended DDS this year, let us know about your favorite sessions and takeaways in the comments!

Check out our interviews with the this year’s Dallas Digital Summit 2018 digital marketing pros:

Tamsen Webster, Keynote Speaker, The Red Thread

Tamsen chats with us about brand messaging and The Red Thread, the link between what you do and how you see. She explains how the best ideas aren’t found. They’re built. They come together, piece by piece, until you suddenly see the world differently.

Eve Mayer & Levi Sauerbrei, EveMayer.com and NerdButler.com

Eve Mayer & Levi Sauerbrei are the power couple of the Digital Summit, speaking together on the concept of how to humanize your brand. They discuss how to use your organization’s core values as a tool to attract customers that align with your brand so that they remain clients for longer, increasing revenues.

Lily Bather, 7-Eleven

Lily chats with us about 7-Eleven’s UX strategy, and how you can develop your own UX strategy for your organization, choosing relevant goals and paths for crafting postive product user experiences.

Andrea Leitch, National Geographic and Oklahoma Aquarium

Andrea chats with us about why storytelling remains the future of successful marketing. Learn how to create an actionable content plan and a successful social media and newsletter strategy based on data-driven results.

Ashley Ward, SEMrush

Ashley chats with us about how to successfully repurpose your content, from running a content audit, to analyzing the performance of your recycled content. Plus, she even shares some sneak peeks at new features coming to SEMrush soon!

Cynthia Round, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Cynthia chats with us about rebranding, and how to excavate the essential, intangible truth of your brand. Learn how to better align your organization to deliver a 360-degree brand experience.

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