How to Measure SEO Success

Measuring SEO Success
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We’ve all been pitched by someone from a marketing agency offering number 1 rankings in Google or our money back.  Sounds enticing enough, right?  But does that offer mean they know what they are doing and what do 1st page rankings actually do for your brand and your bottom line?  For some, it’s that boost needed to bring in tons of organic traffic to their Website.  For others, it’s just nice to say there is some ranking on Google’s 1st page for a few keywords.  But keep in mind the primary goal.  All companies are looking to increase revenue, and as a byproduct, increase profits.  So how can we, as an SEO company, show clients the value of our efforts related to their business goals? SEO success can be measured in many ways, using many different tools.  Let’s go over a few key measurements:


There are a ton of analytics packages on the market today that measure traffic that range in price from free to tens of thousands of dollars.  We recommend to our clients the easy to install and navigate, and most utilized analytics package, Google Analytics (GA).   With GA we are able to determine how much traffic is being driven to your Website and where that traffic is coming from.  This data also let’s us see opportunities to come up with ideas for competitive comparison pages, banner advertisements, keywords that searchers are using to find your site and other competitor sites and much more.

Traffic is a good measurement of success because the more quality traffic, the more opportunities to convert those users into paying customers.

Search Engine Coverage (Total Number/Types of Keywords Driving Traffic)

Another good measurement of success is search coverage:  knowing how many keywords are driving the traffic in comparison to competitors and in comparison to prior months/years.  Casting a wider net over the Web allows for targeting more searchers seeking search terms/keywords related to your business.  This allows for more opportunities to get your Website in front of more eyeballs and should render more clicks, more traffic and more sales/conversions.

Using Google Analytics can determine what keywords are landing the searchers onto your Webpages.  We baseline how many keywords and the types of keywords and over time we should be able to see an increase in the amount of terms driving traffic.  This data is also good for finding additional keywords not previously used.

Let’s say you sell tents and traffic starts coming in to your Website from the term “Coleman tents.” It may be a good idea to create a Coleman tents comparison page on your site to help start ranking for the term.  We could also start up a PPC campaign targeting their brand term.  Of course, we’ll be sure to follow Adwords policy for bidding on competitor’s brand.

Keyword Rankings

Search engine rankings increases should coincide with traffic increases.  If keyword rankings move higher on a search engine results page (SERP) but traffic does not improve, there could be external factors that are causing the keyword positions to not bring in results.  Or it may be the wrong keywords are being targeted.

We always baseline our clients’ keyword rankings at the start of each campaign. When a client does not have an eCommerce Website, we sometimes need to come up with a conversion formula that ties increase in traffic, downloads of white papers and/or signups for the newsletter, etc. to an actual dollar figure within the goals section in GA.  This provides a quantitative dollar amount to associate to ROI.

Leads/Conversion Rates

Huge increases in traffic are great, but it doesn’t mean much if that traffic doesn’t convert into paying customers. However, if higher conversion rates are seen, it is a good sign the SEO campaign is doing well. Even if conversation rates do not increase or stay flat, there should still be a higher profit if traffic increases.

At the end of the day conversions, leads, revenue and profits are the main drivers for the success of any business today.  As an SEO company, our efforts are directly related to our clients’ business goals, thus making accurate measurements of SEO success so imperative.

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