Mobile Search – Time to Act

At this point in time, it has been estimated that one out of three search queries from smart phone users are looking for a business local to them. The advantage for the local business is that the user is nearby and that the searcher is looking to take action pretty quick. This frontier of search is still new, as this medium of search is on the rise.

A couple tips to optimize your experience with mobile search…Ensure that your business listings can be found easily on and on Google Maps (if you are a local advertiser). Simply creating a Business Listing in the Local Business Center helps those potential customers find you with more ease.

To take further advantage of the advances with mobile search, you can display local extensions within your mobile campaign ads. This is an additional line of text that displays your local business address in your mobile ads for search inquiries’. These searches are either in your local area or are the result of the potential customer searching your area via geo-based keywords. There is also the simple option of including your ‘Click to Call’ phone number so that they can quickly and conveniently call your business without having to rely on their dial pad.

By implementing these features, you are securing your place in online mobile search ads. Wanting a more real-life example of how this can work? Lets say that you are craving some seafood. You pull into a gas station (because I’m sure you never search Google while driving!) and do a search for ‘seafood restaurants’. Since you’re close to one of the seafood restaurants, the ad appears with a local extension (address) and ‘click to call’ phone number. You simply click on business address and see the map, which happens to be at a nearby intersection.



In this example, like many other examples that could’ve been used, people on mobile search are looking to take immediate action. These features should be tried out for your business so that potential customers can easily and quickly inquire about your products/ services!

Mobile Search – Time to Act” Comments

  1. Frederic Guitton

    There is no doubt that mobile technology is growing incredibly fast. Another advice I would add is to be sure your site is optimized for cell phones. For example watch for flash applications or anything that could create mobile access challenges. We saw many chats coming from iphone and had to make adjustments to accommodate these conversations.

    • John Carruthers

      Hi Frederic-
      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post. You are right on, I actually plan on making a blog post in the near future that discusses site optimization for mobile phone use. Very important as we see this mode of search on the rise!

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