Mobilizing Your Facebook Marketing Army

Facebook: 250 million active users, 150 million of them new in the last year and eight million of these users become fans of Pages every day. There’s the data, and you probably didn’t need me to tell you that Facebook is the social media “place to be”. This new pop culture craze gives you a chance to keep tabs on your friends and family, and with a little creativity you can use the Facebook platform to build an army of Facebooker’s to market and promote your products.

You’re not going to get very far by posting to your personal profile every half hour with your latest product or promotion without eventually annoying your friends. This is why the utilization of the Pages feature a great way to promote your brand and products because your fans are just that, fans of what you have to say. They are going out of their way to join your Page to stay attune to what you have to say as well as let their friends know of their interest in your company.

Utilizing Pages is crucial for those in eCommerce as well as large companies with franchise locations in multiple cities. For eCommerce applications, it is imperative that you create a post schedule to stay focused on posting new products or promotions on your Page. Link to the specific product page and don’t forget to include in your description applicable discounts if any apply. Taking it a step further, create contests and special promotions to keep your fans coming back. These posts help breed repeat customers and help provoke them to spread your message to their personal friend base. A compelling Facebook marketing strategy helps you to increase your reach from beyond your Page’s fan base to all of their many friends. In case you are wondering, the average Facebook user has 120 friends.

For large companies with several franchise locations the Pages strategy can be utilized within a local search perspective. Besides having an official company Page, each location should have a Page. This is an opportunity to increase brand visibility as well as an opportunity to think at a community level, literally. Locations should take advantage of Page promotion within print collateral as well as in-store. Potential visitors visit locations and based on appeal are likely to join the Page therefore announcing to all of their friends their interest. This is great word of mouth, social media style!
Taking full advantage of these free Facebook marketing strategies is paramount in this day and age. A quick look at your completion will likely tell you that they are already working on this front. Getting dirty with a little grassroots Facebook marketing alleviates your need for outlets such as Facebook paid advertising, leaving you with a larger marketing budget and an army of marketers.

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