Search as a Business (Live Blogging From Bing Ads Next)

Speaker David Pann, General Manager, Search Business Group

Sea Change:

  1. Get integrated with all MSFT products
  2. Build a monetization engine that can apply to all MSFT

Listening – we (MSFT/Bing) didn’t have the right to tell people how to do things. We had to listen and provide what customers want.

  1. Make it efficient
  2. Remove restrictions
  3. Make it a good buy; make it good ROI

R&D Team is listening and addressing customer needs.

Driving more user engagement with ads (click volume):
All Devices – up 30%
Mobile – up 133%

What does 2015 look like?
Customer / Partners / Performance / Mobile
“Where Bing goes, Bing Ads goes” – David Pann

Customers – Always Be Listening

Partners – Always had partners; they’re building a MSFT Syndication Publisher Network. They have the right platform, and the market wanted it. Looking to bring 3rd party supply to advertisers. They are “open for business” in this space. Actively talking with partners.

Performance – There is an enormous amount of data. Now have MSFT organized in such a way that there is a central repository of all of this data. Helps to deliver a one to one market message to consumers. It’s just starting. The concept is User 360. Bring this data into the cloud with user data to go after the right consumer at the right time. Monetize the experience across devices and across days of “that query”.

Mobile – “Mobile first / cloud first”. Mobile attributes to 20% of query volume. They will continue to invest heavily in these experiences.

Last year was awesome – foundational improvements/respect in the Industry. In 2015, it’ll be an exciting time to work at Bing in search (and exciting for partners).

As search breaks outside of the box, into different devices, etc., we will get to be innovative in our approach to connect with users and consumers.

Q: Partners in syndication – please elaborate

A: Across PC and Mobile; high quality; could be contextual and search.
*One big takeaway – traffic quality is important. Anything that Bing does in this space will be driven by quality.

MOBILE – Raj Kapoor, Senior Director – Mobile, Bing Ads
1/3 of queries on Bing Ads are coming from Mobile devices.

Bing Ads reaches consumers on all mobile platforms (70% of mobile queries on Bing Ads are from iOS devices).

Bing + Strategic Partners = billions of monthly mobile searches (Yahoo / Apple / Amazon, etc.)
Partners have high standards.
177% YOY growth in mobile clicks on Bing Ads.