What Is Facebook Business Manager?

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The business world is moving online. In order to be a big competitor in this world, a business needs to have a social media presence. For many businesses, Facebook and other social media outlets are a way to get their brand out into the public eye. Facebook is a leader in social media and has tools to place it among the online business leaders. Facebook Business Manager (FBM) is the social media and marketing tool created for businesses that want to create and manage a successful online media presence. It helps a business find and nurture a customer base, do business online, and develop a brand.

Facebook Business Manager is a free service available through Facebook. Facebook Business Manager connects to a personal account or by creating an account specifically with Business Manager. With this tool, businesses can manage ad accounts, Pages, and their personnel all in one place. The most beneficial features are the ability to manage personnel and tasks, develop and control ad campaigns, organize and edit their online representation, and receive helpful support from Facebook.

Managing the Team

An important part of what Facebook Business Manager offers to businesses is control and organization. This represents every aspect of the Facebook Manager program, but especially when it comes to the marketing team. The structure of FBM allows the business owner to control tasks, access, and employees.

There are two groups of personnel within the FBM:

  1. Admins. Admins are usually the business manager or marketing manager. This person has control over all content and settings in the business account. This includes posts, events, ads, apps, and all Pages connected to the account. They also have full control of the access that employees have. They can assign roles and specific tasks to employees and change things at anytime.
  2. Employees. Admins assign roles to employees. Employees have the ability to see all the settings of the business account but can’t make any changes that admins have not authorized. This controls the structure of the marketing team and prevents a messy and unfocused marketing approach. The various employee positions are moderator, editor, analyst, and advertiser.

The multi-user access format of Facebook manager removes all the responsibility from the shoulders of just one person. It takes a whole team to create and run a successful marketing front, especially on multiple platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Another key aspect of Facebook Business Manager is the ability to connect with external partners. A business can request information and access to other partners. They can organize joint advertising campaigns and share data for more successful ads.

Creating an Ad Campaign

Facebook Business Manager allows businesses to create, manage, and organize ad campaigns from one place. A business can create separate ad accounts for every client, business, or Page they control. There is also the option to use multiple payments options to pay for ad campaigns, freeing businesses from using just one card every time and allowing them to run multiple ad campaigns at once. Facebook Manager controls every step of an ad campaign.

  • Facebook manager builds and organizes data on customers or audiences to help businesses create ads for target groups. A person on the marketing team can craft the next ad based on feedback and information from these reports. They can observe and analyze trends of specific demographics with the purpose of creating a successful ad.
  • Tracking ads is easy and immediate. Facebook manager automatically records how many people ads reach and how many clicks or further interests they generate. The ad tracker also compares how the current ad is performing versus previous ads. This allows businesses to easily track the success of a particular ad and their ad campaign overall.

Representing the Business

It can be confusing to attempt to organize when a Facebook event is going live, simultaneously promote a new Instagram post while making sure that the app is getting enough downloads all at the same time. Facebook Business Manager easily allows a business to edit and manage their assets. The assets are the Pages, Instagram accounts, and apps connected with the business. These factors act as the representation and the face of the business online. For this reason, it is especially important to have easy access and editing options. Businesses can clearly and easily organize all the activity happening on their social media accounts.

Facebook Business Manager is one place to manage not only the Facebook and Instagram Pages, but also audience lists and a product catalog. This relates directly to the ad features. It’s important to find out who you are reaching and who is falling through the cracks. It is easy to reference those demographics through audience lists when planning an ad campaign. The product list also allows businesses access to what products are representing them and the ability to change that on a whim.

Part of the advantage of using social media in a business is having direct control over the representation of the business. From the FBM tool, Admins have access to notifications, messages, posting options, and more. There is direct control of what potential customers see and how they interact with the business through the Pages.

Securing the Information

FBM is a secure place to review account information. Facebook is currently rolling out new security measures for their business manager platform. Facebook Manager produces a variety of reports to help a business manager track their business’s progress and plan for the future. This can be sensitive information. Many people may be worried about having such information on a social media platform. However, with Facebook’s security updates and the built-in ability for an admin to control what stays private or public, there is nothing to worry about. Users have complete control over where their data goes and it’s use. Facebook does not allow the sharing of personal information. It also regularly checks for fraudulent activity and breakage in terms of use.

Giving a Helping Hand

Facebook Business Manager is not just a mindless tool. There are a variety of reports generated by the Facebook manager. They allow the Admins to compare the progress and accessibility of their business. These reports can provide potentially vital information for your social media strategy. They can offer insight as to how many people you are reaching, how people are reacting to your posts, if people are buying products, or following up on a link. These reports are invaluable to planning for future success. FBM also provides alerts and insights with bits of helpful information.

  • Via notifications and the Facebook Messenger app, Facebook business will remind admins that it has been a while since the last post, of upcoming events to promote, or potential ad options.
  • Insights provide the novice business manager help in creating a successful business venture through Facebook. Insights are helpful hints about the most efficient way to use the tools provided by Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Business Manager is a free marketing and advertising tool that allows a business to have complete control over their representation on social media. It is easy to use and actively promotes businesses to have the best experience possible. Facebook Business Manager offers businesses the chance to master the social media world and move their business online.

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