Working With Facebook Promoted Posts

In the world of social media, there is no doubt that change is inevitable. It seems like every time you turn around the look and usability of your favorite social media site has evolved into something different. Sometimes better and sometimes – not so much. It is no secret that this is a practice commonly found with Facebook. From changing the aesthetic look and feel of profile pages, to adding cover photos and more, Facebook is no stranger to giving its users something fresh, new, and shiny to play with. With the roll out of its latest advertising platform, Facebook provided fan page owners a new way to reach more fans with the simple click of a button and a charge to their credit card.

This past May, Facebook introduced users to their latest advertising platform, Promoted Posts. This feature allows fan page administrators, with 400 fans or more, to pay to have an individual post show up more frequently in the news feeds of fans. Since it is nearly impossible to post new content and have it reach all fans, Promoted Posts are a great way to strengthen your reach by making content more visible, regardless of when it is posted.

Although this seems like a great platform to incorporate into your marketing strategy, there are a few tips to remember when utilizing this service:

  1. Be picky about the posts you choose to promote. The great part about Promoted Posts is that it gives you the opportunity to reach fans that may have not seen your content in a while. Ensure that the first attempt at re-engagement is not too much like a sales pitch. Make the posts about something fun that fans will want to engage in, comment on, like, and share with others.
  2. Decide what posts you want to promote in advance. Creating an editorial calendar with content that will be promoted is key since you can only promote posts that are no more than three days old.
  3. Set a budget for each post in advance. Knowing how much you want to spend on each post is also important to ensure your marketing efforts here are in-line with your budget. Remember, you also have the ability to stop the post from running at any time.
  4. Check your stats. Review your promoted posts to see if they are performing the way you thought they would. You may check performance during and after the campaign. By utilizing the service you will also have access to more data in the Ads Report area, allowing you to see how the Promoted Posts are working versus your other Facebook Ad campaigns.
  5. Test your posts. It is a good idea to test different posts to see which ones your audience is engaging with the most and which ones need some work. Often times, posting fun content will attract the attention of more fans.
  6. Promote your newest items, sales, freebies, discounts, events and more! Although this is leaning more towards the sales side, most people love a good deal!
  7. Pin your Promoted Posts! Pinning selected posts to the top of your fan page wall is a fairly new feature as well. Doing this, in addition to promoting your posts, is a great way to get your content noticed.
  8. Reach mobile users. Unlike regular Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories, Promoted Posts will show up in the news feeds of Facebook mobile app fans as well.

Most would agree that Facebook is a great way to increase brand visibility and to engage with consumers on a more personal level, but the effectiveness of a paid marketing platform is contingent upon your company goals, industry, and overall needs. What do you think about Facebook’s Promoted Posts? Will you be adding them to your company’s marketing strategy?