4 Quick Tips to CTR Improvement

The last few years have brought upon us many changes in the world of SEO. You have probably worked to stay in line with the algorithmic curve, doing what you can do to lift rankings and with it Organic traffic referrals.

Standing back and remembering to be mindful of what to do when the rankings finally reach your accepting pinnacle can beneficial. What is a ranking that never gets clicked? Worthless. We know that Google wants to provide the best possible results to searchers. So, if they notice that your first page ranking has a CTR of .00001% they will likely assume your listing is not worthy of a first page ranking. We also know that Google is collecting CTR data for keywords and landing pages across their index. If you think they are collecting this data for no reason at all than to take up server space then you are sadly mistaken. As I have said countless times, Google gives us data because they are using it too.

Before we get visits on site we have to think about enticing the click. For this we must pay attention to four areas:

The Title:

Stop thinking about how many terms you can cram into a suggested 70 character usage. Start thinking about you can focus on one or two keyword terms and possibly an actionable call to action.
Bikes, Mountain Bikes, All Terrain Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes
This should now become,
Bicycles and Bike Products at up to 35% off from Cycling Pros
Which would you want to click?

The Description:

Many still get the Meta description tag confused with the Meta Keywords tag and think this is an ideal location for their 15 desired terms. This area holds no SEO benefit aside from potentially lifting your CTR and indirectly lifting rankings. With this in mind, get rid of,
Find Bikes, Mountain Bikes, All Terrain Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, cheap bikes as well as bike tires, bike chains, and bicycle horns from Cycling Pros.
In favor of,

Looking for 35% of bicycles and bike products in Kansas City? Look no further than Cycling Pros and their selection of over 1,000 bikes and bicycle accessories.

The URL:

If I encounter a spammy title, a crappy description and still have faith in a listing, I look to the URL folder structure as a last hope before moving on.

Does this tell someone what this page is about,

Or does this lead a little better,

I now know that this page is home to mountain bikes of a certain kind and I know exactly which model I can look at with a simple click.

The Additionals:

Do you have a location? Then you can have a local listing accompanying your results.
Do you have products, ratings or reviews? Then you can have rich snippets added to enhance your listings appearance.

These above tips help you get more visitors into the site. Now all you have to worry about is keeping them on the site and in the conversion funnel.