Dallas Digital Summit 2013 Day 1

Well, here we go again! We are very excited to be back this here presenting, sponsoring and hosting a booth. The agenda is chock full of great session so stay tuned to our live coverage of the event over the next day.

Opening Keynote: AOL’s Digital Prophet, David Shing

-Links vs. Publications. Put links in great places not just promoting your destination.

-Great Content is Evergreen or it is Seasonal.

-Your brand is no longer a closed brand but an open brand that must be TRANSPARENT!

-Open brands listen to their consumers.

-Consumers buy from an emotional aspect and then justify though from a rational perspective.

-You watch LIkes and Shares as an indication of the value of your content. We are in the “age of Social” and this is how we measure.

-We are overwhelmed with Social message but underwhelmed because we cannot find what we want as Social is saturated.

-What is your “Brand Utility”? How can you be useful?

-Remember Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

-We have to move away from Generic Advertising to Influence Marketing. You have to move with people, i.e., Web to Mobile remarketing.

-Native advertising is a rubbish term. People’s digital footprint is wider than one site per day. do you have harmony across several channels?

-You dont have to be a top marketer to make an “experience”.

-Think “Reactive, Relevant, Remarkable”. Will people want to talk or brag about what you provide?

-Participation is moving from typing and texting to sharing images, video, and audio.

-Stop thinking about your message like TV advertising in 30 or 60 seconds bursts. It only has to be as long as it takes to get your message across.

-Remember Steve Jobs, ” A lot of people don’t know what they want until you show them”.

-Storytelling is evolving. How will you become an advanced storyteller.

-Find the right people. The power of influencers is unbelievable.

Email Trends and Tactics to Know in 2014

-93% of US consumers read a pernission based email each day.

-49% consumers want a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

-Take advantage of a moment in time to portray your message. Moments matter.

-48% of opened emails are on a mobile device. It was 30% at the beginning of this year.

-63% delete emails immediately if they are not optimized for mobile.

-Only 12% of the top 160 retailers use mobile optimized email layouts.

-The mobile email rule should be “no pinching”. If you have to pinch the screen then you are not optimized appropriately for mobile.

-If you can get users to fill out information via apps, tools, etc. you can tailor campaigns to these users.

-Data equals relevancy.

-Four keys to getting subscribers:

1. First impressions are the last impression. Develop relationships. When someone subscribes send them a welcome email. Welcome them to the brand and educate them on your brand.

2. Listen to what your customers are saying about you. Reciprocate, today’s keywords are tomorrow’s email subject lines. Today’s Facebook posts are tomorrow’s email subjects. Note, 72% of people trust social endorsements from complete strangers.

3. Reading email is the number one activity of mobile user. You must “Simplify”. Case study, responsive design before and after, open rate went from 1 in 5 to 2 in 3. The context of reading email on a mobile device is completely different than the context of a desktop email reader.

4. Be grateful. Reward your subscribers. These include loyalty programs, birthday deals, reward programs. Case study on this showed a 7500% ROI for a birthday program. Note, this was in the hospitality industry where likely you want to visit on your birthday. Thus, an even better reason they enacted the birthday program.

Creative Social Strategies

-People care about recommendations from others.

-Social Media Marketing and Social Media Advertising is two very different things.

-Fans are worthless if you cannot activate them.

-Facebook needs to update faster as many are wanting to stream as fast as Twitter.

-Teens are moving away from Facebook and to other channels such as Twitter.

-Visits to sites are much higher through Organically found social posts rather than sponsored posts, paid posts.

-Linkedin Sponsored Ads can be viable but only if you have a specific goal.

-Brands need to have team members optimize their social presence so that they can be pushing the brand message. Have them tell their own story.