How to Ready Your Facebook Business Page for Graph Search in 5 Easy Steps

*Editor’s Note – Facebook Graph Search is no longer available. It has been replaced by a more keyword based search engine focused on posts. However, if you make simple queries, e.g. “Friends who live in California” then there will be a section of results pointing you to that structured query.

Graph Search is what Facebook is calling the third of its three pillars; with the first being the news feed and the second being Timeline.  Graph Search is the new search function Facebook is rolling out that produces results based on likes, interests, locations and relationship history.

For example, with the utilization of Graph Search, a query for “single friends in Dallas who like to go see live bands” will yield some great results.  As a matter of fact, it is supposed to pull every single one of your friends who qualify for your search.  Without Graph Search, that search query would not pull anything worthy, if anything at all.

So how is this important to you as a business owner with a Facebook business page? Well, imagine you are a Dallas bar or event location that showcases live music to your patrons.  Knowing that the reason certain friends are showing up in this example query is because they’ve liked or commented on a business page in Dallas that has live music; wouldn’t you want to be one of those pages?  The person running the query will see that.  It’d be ideal to not only be one of the pages showing up as friends liking and having been there, but dominating these results.

As a Facebook business page owner, likes for your page, likes for your posts and engagement in your community have never been more important.  Graph Search opens up an immediate opportunity for your business to have a whole new way of being discovered.  Imagine someone seeking this query:  “Live music events attended by my friends in Dallas.”  This query will pull the businesses first and show which friends have liked or attended second.

Your business will not pull to these types of searches without the digital support of your community through likes and engagement and your page being accurate and up-to-date.

So what do you need to do to be Graph Search ready?

  1. Get likes and shares up to give your business a bigger reach and more muscle on Facebook. Promoted posts and more likes to your page can be done inexpensively directly through Facebook.  Go to “Build Audience” in the Admin Panel up top, select which promotion you’d like to do and simply follow the user-friendly instructions.
  2. Launch various promotions and offers to help increase likes and engagement.  These not only will work well to increase your community but also for the engagement on your page.  Varying the offers will equal a variation in content, making your page more enticing and attracting different audiences.  Upload photos and videos with each offer to make them more click-worthy.  Use clear call-to-action language.
  3. Update the About Section of Your Business Page.  Go through this entire section and check for accuracy from your business name, category, sub-category, vanity URL, etc. all need to be both complete and up-to-date.  If you need to add or edit, simply go to the Admin Panel, then “Edit Page,” then Update Info, then Basic Information.
  4. Update Your Contact Information.  If your contact information or physical address is incomplete or just not accurate, you need to fix it quick.  Your business cannot show up in a geo-specific search query in Graph Search if anything in your contact information (address, Website, etc.) is not correct or just not there.
  5. Encourage Check-Ins. Most of today’s consumers have smartphones.  Most like to check in where they are.  Encourage your customers to check in on Facebook when at your business to help boost your search rankings. You can always place reminder signs at your checkout counter, at the front door, etc. and you can offer incentives online for a free product or service to everyone who checks in on a certain day, or to the 50th check in, etc.  Get creative.

Graph Search is in limited beta for the US right now and is set to be released fully later this year.  If you want to join the wait list, click here:  Join Facebook’s Wait List for Graph Search  If you need assistance getting your page Graph Search ready or for any other social media needs, we’re always here to help:  Social Media Marketing Services from Vizion Interactive

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