Tool Tip Tuesday: The New Ahrefs Content Gap Tool

Often the tools we use here at Vizion Interactive come out with new tools and/or new options for looking into things.  Occasionally, the new addition becomes something that stands out and catches the attention of multiple people on our team of experienced Content, SEO and Paid Search experts.  The Content Gap tool under Ahrefs Site Explorer section has emerged as one of those stand-outs.  To provide a little introduction to this, I’ll let the Ahrefs team do that below in this under 3-minute video:

That video touches on 3 new tools that were added at the same time and the Content Gap was one of those, but was the biggest stand-out for us.  We began playing with it almost as soon as it was released and figuring out how to best incorporate it into our processes for Content Audits and Content Planning as well as our Content Gap Analyses that we do for our ongoing clientele.  As Tim mentions in the video, this can be a great way to identify and help build out a content calendar based on missing or overlooked focuses in existing content.

Soon after its release, they added some additional elements to bolster this tool even more.  Here is another short video (just over a minute) from Ahrefs speaking about that:

The filters they added make this tool even more powerful and allows you to get quickly focused keyword segments and targets.  Additionally, as a huge fan of using Excel and filters, I definitely appreciate being able to export the list and get it into my own workable medium where I can then combine the Content Gap data with actual ranking keywords to get a more comprehensive view of any websites keyword landscape, both positive and negative.  What is also super helpful is the fact that I can include up to 10 competitor domains, meaning that I can get a huge amount of data, especially for those clients that are not one-trick companies, where they may have segment focus competitors and true overlap competitors.

Not only are we starting to incorporate Ahrefs Content Gap tool into our regular ongoing client discovery processes, but we’re also leveraging for the various site audits that we do.  I can also imagine this being leveraged by our internal Paid Search experts to identify missing opportunities or to figure out why certain keywords just may be getting squelched over poor quality scores since they may have simply been misses in the content creation and ongoing content calendars for blogs, etc.

Here is an example done quickly to show how the recommendations look.  This example is comparing alarm companies that compete via Paid Search and Organic for the phrase “security alarm systems”:

As you can see, only one of these ranks for the phrase “protect your home” and the only one pulling rank for that is the URL that is exactly that phrase.  This is a keyword of opportunity for all of the other brands queried in this list, including the anchor brand  This was just a very brief example.  Personally, I would then download the entire report and look for niche specific terms that these brands may want to focus on in their next 3-9-month content calendars.

If you have anything to do with Search and/or the ongoing content expansion of your website, then this is a tool I highly suggest taking a peek at.  Of course, if you work with our experts here at Vizion Interactive, we can make sure you’re covered not only by our use of this tool, but by the additional processes we run all our tool derived data through.

So, when you think about the next content you’re about to publish on your site, do you know a gap keyword that you want in the mix?  Ahrefs Content Gap tool just might.