Websites Celebrating Earth Day 2008

Happy Earth Day 2008. While researching this Earth Day blog post today, I was amazed by the lack of overall participation amongst the search engine marketing community in promoting Earth Day. However, the few that I did find truly did an amazing job of promoting Earth Day 2008. I thought I would point out some of the best Earth Day blog posts as well as the sites that have done something on their site to help promote Earth Day 2008.
Certainly if you’re a search engine marketer or in the search industry and I haven’t mentioned you here feel free to make a comment below to point it out.

Search Engines Promoting Earth Day

My friend Barry (Rusty Brick) and Search Engine Roundtable always does a great job of changing the header of SE Roundtable whenever there’s a holiday or other significant event to promote. That definitely keeps me coming back to their site to see what they’re doing. Earth Day 2008 is no exception, and you need to check out their special header today. I just love their glowing Earth.

SE Roundtable also has a great wrap-up post detailing many of the search engines that are doing something special on their site for Earth Day.

iGoogle Earth Day 2008

Google has a great logo on their home page for Earth Day 2008. iGoogle, what I’m seeing when I go to the Google home page today, is all pimped out for Earth Day.

Yahoo Earth Day 2008

I love the Yahoo! Earth Day 2008 logo is very cool, when you mouseover it you can see some recycle symbols. Of course I have to say something about a great promotion that Chevrolet is doing, which is very timely–promoting the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid. That might just have to be my next SUV.

Earth Day Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

Search Engine Marketing Promoting Earth Day

I took a look around, and maybe I’m not seeing a lot of the promotions, but at this point (yes, today is Earth Day 2008) I’m only seeing a token few true SEOs promoting Earth Day 2008. But, for the ones that are promoting Earth Day 2008, they definitely did a great job.

SEO By the Sea Earth Day 2008

Bill Slawski over at SEO by the Sea has a blog post which was very informative.

Cre8asite Earth Day 2008

Cre8asite forums is also doing an Earth Day 2008 promotion by changing their header. Cool.

Other Earth Day 2008 Promotions

Overall, though, there are a lot of very cool earth-friendly Earth Day 2008 campaigns going on, so let’s take a look at some great ones:
Service Experts has a great Earth Day promotion going on where they are going giving away 10,000 thermostats during the entire month. So, if you’re reading this you need to call and make an appointment for them to come out and install it. Take a look at the video that they’ve done just for this promotion. It explains why it’s so important for you to replace your thermostat.

Earth Day 2008 Youtube

Youtube also has done something to their logo today, they have put the map of the earth on their screen part of their logo.
You can also take a look at this Google image search and see the other sites that have done something for Earth Day 2008.
If I’ve missed a cool Earth Day 2008 promotion, then feel free to point it out.

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