Amazon Advertising Strategies You Should Implement Now

Amazon Advertising is the largest e-commerce platform in the world. It had 310 million active users as of the last report (2016), and recently achieved a milestone of 100 million Amazon Prime customers. Reaching your target audience through all the noise on Amazon takes a smart, data-driven Amazon Advertising strategy. Amazon Ads can be great assets to business owners, but only if they know how to use them. Start with these four Amazon Advertising strategies, proven by real marketers to yield a strong return on ad spend (ROAS).

 Create Strong Product Detail Pages

 It wont matter how perfect your Amazon Ads are if they lead customers to weak or incomplete Product Detail Pages (PDPs). PDPs are the main product pages your customers see on Amazon. They include the products image, title, brand, price, features, specifications, and customer reviews. Your PDPs and ROAS are closely connected. Before you invest time and energy into enhancing your advertisements, optimize your PDPs to ensure they perform as well as they should.

 Your PDPs need to be easily searchable (and findable) for customers. They also need strong shopability scores. In other words, they need to be as user-friendly as possible, creating outstanding user experiences (UX). If your product pages can check all of the right boxes, they can organically earn the coveted title of “Amazon’s Choice” – significantly increasing conversions for the product. Getting on “Amazon’s Choiceis a must if you want to beat the competition on Alexa voice queries.

 Improve your PDPs through many of the same rules as website search engine optimization (SEO). Tailor your title, product description, and other aspects of the PDP according to search keywords. Craft your PDPs with conversions in mind. Content should be high-quality, as should the product images. Add enough keywords to maximize searchability without keyword-stuffing. Maintain high product reviews and ratings to make your PDP as visible as possible. Only strong PDPs will convert customers who land on the page through Amazon Ads.

 Use the Amazon Advertising Trifecta: Display Ads, Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Products

 Most marketers just getting started with Amazon Advertising stick to display ads. While display Amazon ads can be of great value to brands, they arent an all-in-one solution for companies who want to drive conversions. Display ads arent known for their power to drive product purchases. Investing only in Amazon display ads, therefore, likely wont garner great ROAS. Instead, go for the Amazon Advertising trifecta for real results. Invest in at least the following three types of Amazon Ads for the best ROAS:

  1. Display ads. Invest in display ads to increase product awareness and become more visible than your competitors on the platform. A well-placed display ad can improve the performance of a search campaign by expanding its reach, telling more of a brand’s story, and engaging with shoppers.
  2. Headline search ads. These ads appear at the very top of the Amazon search results page. A click on an optimized headline search ad brings Amazon users to a page that showcases the promoted company. Paying for a headline search ad in addition to display ads can increase traffic volume, improve brand awareness, and drive sales.
  3. Sponsored products. In addition to display and headline search ads, use Amazon sponsored products to promote your items directly in organic search results. You can boost the sales of key promoted products through this tool to drive ROAS. Sponsored products increase the visibility of products and grow your audience.

The Amazon Ads trifectais one of the strongest Amazon Advertising strategies a marketer can implement. Instead of stopping with display ads, invest in all three of these Amazon advertisement types for optimal visibility and campaign results. Launching all three types of advertisements means a stronger product page, better brand awareness, and organic product visibility on

Launch Both Automatic and Manual Targeting Amazon Ads

As a rule of thumb, marketers should strike a balance between automatic and manual targeting in Amazon Advertising campaign settings. Automatic targeting might save time, but its not always the best choice for a campaign. For the most part, marketers should select manual targeting so they can customize their ads while maintaining full bidding control. Yet they should use automatic targeting, at least at first, to collect data.

To use this strategy, start by setting up an automatic targeting Amazon Ads campaign. Set the bid amounts and budget low and let your ad run for a week. Collect data and key performance indicators such as click-throughs, impressions, and sales. Amazon has analytics and reports to help you with this. Using the data, create a search term report to see which keywords are getting the most action from customers.

Next, create another ad campaign but with manual targeting. Use the keywords you collect from your automatic targeting advertising data. Dont forget to exclude negative keywords to tailor your campaign even more. Check back with your auto campaigns every few weeks to see if new keywords have arisen. Inform your manual Amazon Ads based on the information you get from your automatic ones. Launching both types can help you become a more aggressive bidder on keywords you know work for your products.

Invest in Professional Amazon Advertising Management Services

Amazon Advertising is its own world, complete with a new set of rules and best practices for marketers. If your company doesnt have the time, energy, budget, or manpower to dedicate toward optimizing your Amazon Advertising strategy, you could be missing out on major growth and sales opportunities.

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Our Amazon Advertising specialists know exactly how to use this powerful platform to its fullest potential for marketers. We can help you create a customized, comprehensive AMS strategy according to your unique business goals, create compelling ads, and monitor your efforts for long-term campaign success. Discuss your Amazon Advertising strategy with our experts contact us today.

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