Amazon Marketing Strategy Tips for the Holidays

Amazon Marketing Strategy Tips for the Holidays Vizion Interactive

The holiday months offer an incredible opportunity for any consumer-focused business. If you plan to take advantage of the highest annual spending season, you need to focus your attention on the biggest outlets for selling your products. Amazon continues to be the king of online retail, offering retailers all over the world an intuitive ecommerce platform with unprecedented reach. A few tips can help propel your Amazon marketing strategy to new heights.

Why Amazon?

Amazon commands the lion’s share of all product searches on Google. When a user searches for any type of purchasable product, it’s a safe bet that one of the top links will lead to an Amazon product page. Naturally, this leads many marketers to believe that selling on Amazon is simple due to sheer numbers. However, this is only true for your company with a sound Amazon marketing strategy tailored to your brand. Amazon may offer tremendous potential reach, but you also run the risk of your product pages becoming lost in a vast sea of thousands of other listings.

Amazon secures billions of dollars in sales every year, and the number of people turning to ecommerce outlets for their holiday shopping continues to grow year over year. The Amazon Marketplace can be lucrative if you have a solid strategy for advertising on Amazon and outshining your competitors’ offerings. The following tips can help significantly in this endeavor.

Target Your Listings Carefully

You need to ensure your product listings appear in the right search results. Do not settle for generic or basic product listings. Go into as much detail as possible and offer potential buyers an in-depth look at the products you offer. If people are visiting your product listings but not completing purchases, this may be because you failed to include detailed, accurate, or well-written descriptions.

Take time to develop strong listings that fully cover the features and benefits of your listed products. Make sure your listings are tailored to your ideal customers, and update your listings regularly. If you haven’t updated your product listings on Amazon in a while, the encroaching holiday season makes now the perfect time to do just that. Be careful not to completely overhaul your product listings; this may cause more harm than good. Make smaller adjustments and pay close attention to the effects of every adjustment you make.

Choose the Right Keywords

Just like you optimize the content you publish for search engine rankings, you need to optimize your Amazon product listings to capture search traffic on the Amazon ecommerce platform. Take some time to do some experimental keyword searches to find the keywords that resonate most strongly with your product listings. Amazon Seller Services is a fantastic resource to get you started, and you should follow the same general best practices that you do for Google SEO:

  • Avoid keyword stuffing. More doesn’t always mean better. While you certainly want to include as many relevant keywords as possible in your product listings, stuffing your listings only wastes space and essentially works against you.
  • Avoid breaking up keyword strings. Your best keyword strings may be a little awkward to fit naturally into your listings, but you should do your best to separate them with spaces instead of punctuation.
  • Use keyword variations. Try including singular and plural versions of your keywords for maximum effectiveness. Users perform searches in different ways and accounting for these slight variations will help boost your listings’ visibility.

Devote the same attention and energy to your Amazon keywords as you do to the keywords in the content you publish, and you’re sure to see a noticeable uptick in traffic to your listings and successful sales.

Invest in High-Quality Product Showcases

Have you ever searched for a product on Amazon and noticed multiple sellers using the same basic photos for the product? Set your listing apart with high-quality professional photography of the products you list on Amazon. Use a high-definition professional photo of the product for the main photo and add secondary photos that show the product from additional angles. Think of the things a customer would want to see about a product and make sure your photos help them make educated purchasing decisions.

Customers are more likely to trust listings that go into thorough detail and offer several angles of the listed product. You may even want to consider adding a few photos of the product in use, if feasible.

Leverage Product Reviews

Modern online shoppers are incredibly discerning, and one of the first things most online shoppers do before completing their purchases is read the reviews of a product and a seller before committing to those purchases. For example, imagine two sellers offering the same product for the same price, but one seller has significantly lower customer review scores. A customer reading those reviews may notice consistent complaints of poor service, inaccurate listing details, or other problems that steer buyers toward the competitor’s listing.

Amazon advertising not only offers customers an easy way to read product reviews, but also weighs those reviews based on relevancy, detail, and time of posting. Newer, more detailed reviews tend to appear higher on a product’s list of reviews, so find ways to incentivize your customers into leaving detailed positive reviews on your product listings.

Every Amazon seller has access to a wide assortment of tools to create the best product listings possible, you just need to devote the time and energy to capitalizing on them. These tips are a great starting point for you to develop winning product listings, just remember to always keep your target market in mind when making your adjustments and strive to make your product listings the most complete and most attractive to outshine your competitors.

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